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Dr. Praeger's Purely Sensible Foods


22 Years of Great Taste & Quality


Company Structure


  • Founded in 1994 by Dr. Peter Praeger and Dr. Eric Somberg -- two well known, highly regarded Cardiothoracic Surgeons based in the NY/NJ region.  The company is still family owned. 
  • At 22 Years young, company maintains strong DOUBLE DIGIT Growth: +30% in 2016. 
  • Continued Capital Investment and Plant Upgrades, plus new Senior Management Leadership 
  • Made with the highest quality, all natural, recognizable ingredients
    • 25 Items recently certified by the Non GMO Project
    • All Gluten Free Items certified by GIG
    • Seafood certified by Marine Stewardship Council
    • No artificial flavors or colors, Low in saturated fat and cholesterol, Flash Frozen Vegetables
    • Offering a broad assortment of products that appeal to a range of lifestyles:

Vegetarian, Vegan, Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Kosher Food Service List

  • Self-manufacturer with a full line of veggie burgers, veggie pancakes, Kids veggie items, and breaded fish. 
    • Extensive capabilities punching, breading, frying, freezing.  
  • Robust branded, private label and food service business units. 

Brand Philosophy

  • Dr. Praeger’s pronounceable and recognizable ingredients, known value & healthy innovations are our core strengths and how we differentiate in the frozen aisle.
  • Delicious options are available for both adults & kids, as well as trending lifestyle needs; vegan, vegetarian, GF, Soy Free along with tasty MSC certified sustainable seafood items, all while being ahead of the curve in dedication towards NGMOP.
  • Research and Development: we pride ourselves on FAST turnaround! On-site test kitchen, product development and in-house food scientist.

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