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Ranger Ready Repellent body-worn insect repellent uses the active ingredient Picaridin 20%, safe and effective, alternative to DEET, provides 12-hour protection from ticks and mosquitos and 8-hour protection from gnats, flies, fleas, chiggers and no see ums. This non greasy formula is safe to use for children (over 1 year), adults, and during pregnancy. Ranger Ready Repellents are available in four premium scents and convenient sizes.

5 oz bottle offers 45 full body applications.
8 oz bottle offers 70 full body applications.
24 oz bottle offers 230 full body applications.

Ranger Ready Permethrin clothing worn-insect repellent uses the active ingredient Permethrin 0.5% to repel and kill ticks, mosquitos, gnats, no-see-ums, black flies, ants, stink bugs, and other biting insects on contact. Apply to clothing, tents, sleeping bags, dog beds, horse saddles, blankets, and other fabrics for protection up to 40 days and 5 washes.  PERMETHRIN IS NOT FOR USE ON SKIN.

8 oz bottle covers 3 full outfits or 65 square feet. 
24 oz bottle covers 7 full outfits or 200 square feet.

Ranger Ready hand sanitizer uses 80% alcohol, the U.S. FDA-recommended formula for effective use. This fine mist sanitizing antiseptic spray provides 25 hand applications.

6 oz bottles provides 45 hand applications.
8 oz bottle provides 60 hand applications.
24 oz bottle provides 240 hand applications.

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