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A Unique Group Purchasing Organization

What differentiates H&H Purchasing from "buying groups" is that we are 100% focused on our customers. You may have noticed so-called "Group Purchasing Organizations" or GPOs soliciting your business. These group purchasing organizations claim to purchase billions of dollars of products for their clients and purport to save you money by aggregating purchasing power. H&H Purchasing is not a traditional Group Purchasing Organization... and the distinction is crucial.

Group Purchasing Organizations do not charge their customers. Their only source of income is via backend money from the vendors. This results in a push to specific vendors/manufacturers to get you to "buy their products".  See the problem here? Who indeed do they serve – their vendors who actually pay them or their so-called customers who do not?

H&H, on the other hand, is a fee-based program.  Our upfront fee means that we work for you, not the vendors.  We make suggestions to meet your needs whether its quality, budget, or anything else.  H&H's loyalty is 100% with you, the customer. This is the cornerstone of our service and one of the things that makes us unique and especially proud of what we do.

H&H Purchasing Services' Mission... "To provide our customers with superior service and to maximize savings through purchasing efficiencies, without ever compromising quality or the integrity of our service."